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Creating An Epic Care Package


In this list, you'll find suggestions on what to send to your loved one, as well as how to package it. Because, sometimes, the thing they remember most just may be the presentation itself!

Surprise for Deputy's Daughter

Deputy Kent Mundell was killed in the line of duty. Six years later, his daughter gets a heartfelt surprise on her wedding day.

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Meals for Homeless Veterans

A recent study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs and HUD reports that on any given night there may be over 75,600 homeless veterans in shelters and on the streets across the country. While veterans represent 8% of the total population in the United States, they are disproportionately represented among our homeless: a startling 12% of the homeless population are veterans, or 16% of homeless adults. Most homeless veterans are male. About half of homeless veterans are disabled. Around the United States, community groups are hampered by lack of space, lack of funding, and a lack of publicity about the numbers of veterans who are homeless and the challenges they face while trying to turn their lives around. As a result, veterans in need of help don't have many places to turn.

Help ease their burden and provide meals to homeless veterans!

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Help Homeless & Hungry Veterans

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